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  • The colours of this stall

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Banca da Graça's

There is no way to mistake it: the Market, right in the centre of town next to the river, is where every day you can find the freshest local produce in Aljezur.

We enter and turn right; it's at the back that we meet the Graça, who always greets us with a big smile. She's a very cheerful person but what is special is that she has a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables - from Brejo das Cancelas - as well as regional products, such as sweets, liqueurs, dried fruit, salt and spices.


Like paints on a painter's palette, the exuberant colours of this stall - from the bright orange of the carrots to the deep green of the cabbages and courgettes to the ruddy peppers and radishes - let the imagination and appetite run wild. And if you also eat with your eyes, then it's best to indulge them.

With products of guaranteed exceptional quality, we don't need to go anywhere else to fill the basket with flavours and textures that will be a delight in the kitchen. From the most common fruits and vegetables to the most exotic vegetables - if it's good, it's here.





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From the garden to the table, every day

Banca da Graça

Address: R. 25 de Abril, 8670-054 Aljezur


Mon-Sat: 8:00am-1:00pm